Hey everyone. You deserve an Instagram feed that’s great and a reflection of who you are. And it will start with how amazing your biography is.

Your Broken Bio for Instagram should be a great opportunity to connect with your followers in a friendly, clever way. In other words, it’s like a secret handshake. However, everyone is broken at some point in life. No one here can say that they are perfect, that what people choose about their imperfections is a different matter.

Looking for the best-broken bio for Instagram, I have the best for you here to use.

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Broken Bio for Instagram

Broken Bio for Instagram
Broken Bio for Instagram

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I am broken and can never be fixed. I will pick up the knife and start cutting.

Isn’t it ironic I seem whole but am so broken?

You’re not broken. You’re wonderful. And you’ll find your way out of this somehow.💜#broken

Sorry to hear you’ve been broken. We hope your week picks up from here on out.

A new episode of the UnBroken Project is available for streaming. Stream it now to feel like a million bucks.

I am broken and I am empty and I’m sorry if something I’ve done has hurt someone. If we can begin again, I’d like that.

I am broken. I am not wounded. Living with your heart intact is an act of resistance.

I am broken, so I can be remade.

I lost all my world, everything I know is gone. please leave me alone.

Get. Up. The only way to truly fix a broken heart is to pick up the pieces and move on—one step at a time. Just like running, life is a marathon, not a sprint.

I am broken. Now break me open, pour in your love, and fix me. #Repost

Broken Bio for Instagram

I am as fragile as the glass in your windows. I can be broken, can shatter out of a simple touch or even a thought.

Hearts are broken, innocence shattered… Selena Gomez is on the mend. I am broken I am losing my thoughts and it feels like something is in my mouth

I am broken and incomplete – a shattered vessel. I am laughing at myself for wanting everything to be better all the time…Broken Bio for Instagram

“I am broken, but I am healing. No longer comforted by the familiar, I seek comfort in the foreign.”

It’s not broken. It’s just a little di… Broken Bio for Instagram

I feel you, I’m a little broken on the inside. Everyone is, but it’s easy to forget that sometimes. So thank you for reminding me of this.❤

I am broken, trying to hide my vulnerability.

It’s okay to feel broken from time to time. Use sadness as an opportunity to grow. Not your typical captions, but these tend to be extremely motivational and inspiring….Broken Bio for Instagram

I consume your memes, I absorb your culture. I know every lyric in the 1D discography. I have not broken anymore.

I am broken, but you can still enjoy my cookies.

Don’t miss the all-new comedy-thriller, I am broken. A story of betrayal and revenge with a wicked twist.

I’m broken for you. I hope you are listening…. Broken Bio for Instagram

I am broken but am trying to be strong.

I am broken, but no longer on the rack. I have found my centre in the shards of what remains.

My body is broken but my spirit is not…

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