Almost everyone on the internet likes a picture of a good rabbit. An obscure, round rabbit life on Instagram can bring an otherwise terrifying feed.

Posting funny captions to your Instagram photos is a fun and easy way to get more followers and engagement. You can easily do this with some of the ideas shown here. Remember, after all, your bizarre, funny captions don’t have to be so exquisite and even grammatically correct. A picture is worth a thousand words (on Instagram)

The following rabbit captions for Instagram are clever and amazing, including a selection of quotes that capture an essential rabbit.

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Easter Bunny Instagram Captions

Easter Bunny Instagram Captions
  • It’s Easter Weekend, bunnies! Hop in and see what eggs await you in this special event!
  • The only thing more adorable than a babe in bunny ears? A bunny in babe ears 👸🐇
  • My bunny has been so quiet for the past few days. But today she did something funny and I can’t stop laughing. 😂
  • Try saying that five times fast. This bunny knows how to try new things and has a sensitive disposition.
  • Thank you for being this beautiful, lovely bunny. She will never be erased from my memory.
  • Hello bunny, I love you bunny, will you be my valentine? #valentinesbunny
  • Bunnies are so cute!
  • As times change, so should our thoughts. Bunny tales – what’s your story?
  • Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.
  • We’re busy getting ready for a fresh new addition to our family here at Fresh Bunnies. We’re adding bunny #6 to our family in the coming weeks, so we thought we’d share this photo of our
  • Bunnies love to be outside on a sunny day!
  • This bunny had an amazing day at the farm gathering eggs, eating grass and basking in the sun. #happyspring
  • Bunnies are wild, witty and wonderful things.
  • Bunnies are one of the most adorable creatures on earth. They are also one of the only animals that can see in ultraviolet while humans cannot.
  • Bunny is the new black.
  • Happy #nationalbunnyday!

Easter Bunny Instagram Captions

Easter Bunny Instagram Captions
  • Bunny hops into this sweet Easter Sunday.
  • Bunny rabbits sprout from lush pastures and bright flowers that cover the meadow. Easter’s coming. Grab your bunny ear.
  • Celebrating the sweetest day of the year… #HappyEaster
  • On Easter Sunday, find an egg that has been deliciously crafted with our gourmet chocolates inside. They’re delicious!
  • Get ready for the best bunnies of your life.
  • Have a happy Easter! Be sure to hunt and find your golden egg.
  • Happy Easter from The Sweet Bunny!
  • Our bunny is the perfect companion for Easter Sunday!
  • Our Easter bunnies are looking forward to delivering their delicious treats this spring. Who’s ready? ☀🐰
  • We’ve got a hunch these Easter treats will be the talk of the town.  🐰
  • Littlest bunny hop, hop into this spring, then say “cheese!” when you give your fluff a makeover at the pet spa. We promise it won’t hop away…
  • See you at the egg hunt.  Happy Easter ☺🐰
  • We’re finally ready to reveal…the Easter Bunny’s Favourite…
  • Bunny ears aren’t just for Easter chicks.
  • Let’s agree that chocolate bunnies are the best Easter candy out there.
  • What’s on your Easter bunny’s wishlist this year? 🐰
  • Easter is eggzceptional‼️ 🐰
  • We’re bringing you an egg-ceptional Easter this April.
  • I can’t wait for these Easter bunnies to come out.
  • Make it a weekend-long celebration and get to our stores early on Good Friday for a bunny treat!
  • #EasterBunny is looking forward to an eggstravaganza weekend. Will YOU? 🐰☕️😋
  • Once you dive into the new egg-shaped, you’ll never want a regular old bunny again. Happy Easter!
  • There’s nothing like an egg hunt in the garden to make little ones smile. 🐣👶🌷 #happyeaster
  • Get ready for Easter by saving 🐰 on your fresh-roasted, fair trade coffee.
  • The Easter Bunny is on his way—Are you ready to welcome him?!
  • There’s a pretty big collection of bunny-themed treats over here. Easter is almost here, folks! 👇
  • It’s that time of year again…the easter bunny is coming to town 😃.
  • Easter is coming… and you know what that means. 🐰
  • Hipster bunny (chocolate egg) has been promoted to Chief Easter Bunny, effective immediately.
  • Easter is coming, and the bunnies are just as excited as you. How soothed is our pain from that long winter?
  • You’re a bunny wonder!!! #HappyEaster
  • When bunnies start looking for eggs, Easter is around the corner. Happy spring, everyone! #easter #bunnies
  • Every bunny deserves a day of celebration. Happy Easter!
  • Have an eggstravaganza Easter this year with these adorable bunny-shaped hard-boiled eggs 🐰
  • Happy Easter from our family to yours 🐰❤️🌷
  • Rabbits are a fun addition to any Easter basket 🐰 🎄 🍼
  • Happy Easter to all of you! I hope this Easter is filled with sweet moments🐰❤️
  • Spring has sprung, bunnies are hopping, and Easter’s around the corner. Time to gather with friends and family for a day full of fun!
  • We were hunting for Easter eggs together this Sunday.
  • These bunnies are so excited for Easter Sunday.
  • The Easter bunny hopes these eggs will brighten your Easter Sunday. ☘
  • Happy Easter from Bunny🐰☘️ # Easter
  • Hello, spring! Shown here with the Easter bunny in one of our many pastel-hued dresses.😌
  • Have an egg-ceptional Easter.
  • Not as sweet as you bunnies. Happy Easter 🐰 #EasterBunny
  • Surprise your loved ones with a treat this Easter.
  • There is nothing like a warm Easter Egg and homemade chocolate bunny on a spring day. 🐣🍫 😊
  • Who’s ready for the Easter Bunny, eggs, and spring flowers?
  • So cute and soft, you’ll have to forget about Easter Eggs for a few minutes.
  • Happy Easter from the bunny.
  • It’s Easter. And we’re bunny proud to be part of it.

Bunny Quotes for Instagram

Bunny Quotes for Instagram
  • It’s the bunny season in Southern California!
  • It is spring, a bunny appeared. A cute couple of cottontail rabbits you fall in love with and can not leave at one glance.
  • they are called mini rex rabbits and they will be so cute and lovely.🐰 Bunny caption
  • this is the cutest bunny I’ve ever seen ❤
  • 🐰 My son saw a bunny in the back yard.
  • cherry blossoms are a symbol of life and playfulness. pretty in pink is romantic, fresh and delicate. bunny for the vision board, recently started taking lessons in calligraphy (it’s fun!) playing with ideas about cherry blossom
  • Peaches the bunny is ready for a nap. #cutelittlebunny
  • Silly rabbit, bunnies don’t eat salad. 🐰 #bunny
  • Rabbits are a lovable, inquisitive and friendly animal. They are also an easy pet to own, as they’re naturally inquisitive and fun to watch as they play with toys or look for food.
  • 🐰 Playtime is the best time of day. Dressed for the occasion, of course.
  • What is cuter than one bunny? Not much. Except maybe two bunnies! 🐇
  • The perfect Easter treat, created just for you by us. The Bunny loves cookies; we love you too. Here’s to a fabulous spring holiday!
  • Hope these sweet bunnies put a smile on your face this Monday 🐰 #mondaymotivation

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