Elephants are elegant, strong, independent, and perfectly compatible with their surroundings. There is a growing trend to use elephant captions on Instagram. Many users aren’t sure why posts make them laugh, but that’s what they want. People use elephant captions to make their friends laugh, to connect with people, and to show their silly side.

They are not so smart but elephants are very strong, playful, and full of personality. Like people they can be naughty, affectionate, and be very patient with their favorite kids. People like elephants because they are big and beautiful.

Here, I created funny elephant captions for Instagram for your photos. These can be added to the adorable images of elephants so that people have the opportunity to love and care for elephants as well as protect them. Captions are simple but relevant.

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Elephant Instagram Captions for Instagram

Elephant Instagram Captions for Instagram
  1. If you’re creative, you’re an elephant. Big and awkward enough to knock things over, but at your core, a beautiful soul.
  2. the lovely elephant brings happiness to everyone
    Think of an elephant every time you see an ad, and at the end of 30 days, you will realize they are everywhere.
  3. Another day, another adventure. #elephantlove
  4. Explore the world’s largest animal and make some elephant memories that last a lifetime.
  5. We are all elephants and so delighted to be here.
  6. Elephants are our spirit animals.
  7. Whoever said elephants couldn’t dance, obviously never heard a jungle beat.” -Hugh Masekela
  8. Elephants are a symbol of power and strength.
  9. Every single one of us has the power to make a change. Let’s get to it. 🐘 #elephantlove
  10. When it’s elephant season, it’s the RIGHT season. #elephantappreciationday
  11. It’s Sunday, and it’s fall. What could be better than a relaxing day spent in the woods with friends? #elephantsforlife
  12. Looking for some amazing elephant facts? Look no further. #elephantfriday 😍
  13. No one can do it like elephants.
  14. Elephants never forget.
  15. Some people are worth melting for. 😍😘 #elephantlove
  16. Happy World Elephant Day, everyone! We hope all our elephant lovers had a wonderful day playing with their favourite pachyderm pals.
  17. It’s impossible to describe my love for you 🐘 #elephants.
  18. Elephants are some of the most loving creatures on the face of the earth. We like to think that elephants don’t just love their trunks but also their feet.
  19. May all your dreams be elephant-sized, and may all your elephants be miniature. 🐘
  20. I didn’t think it was possible to love an animal for a long time. Then I met an elephant named Babar, and my life changed forever.
  21. Elephants are some of the smartest animals on earth, but they only live for about 50 years. Elephant poaching is still a huge issue that needs attention.
  22. Elephants are wise, gentle, and beautiful. But what’s under the surface? Meet the cast of characters.
  23. Elephants are the first to offer their trunks to newborns, no matter what species. ❤️
  24. Elephants forget nothing.
  25. There is the elephant in the room.
  26. 🐘 There’s no such thing as being too big or too small. There’s the only right size for you and right now. #elephantlovers
  27. Every day I receive more love than one heart can contain. #elephantsarelord
  28. We love these adorable and funny elephant pics!
  29. For wandering hearts and wild spirits. #elephantsarethebest
  30. Elephants are my spirit animal: wise, patient, and understanding. I love these beautiful creatures!
  31. Elephant lovers unite!
  32. Easily one of nature’s most amazing creations. #elephantsforlife #elephantlove
  33. All you need is love. And an elephant.‭ ‬😻
  34. We don’t have nearly enough time to spend with elephants.
  35. Have you ever seen a baby elephant kiss from the side? They are just too cute!
  36. Now that I’m fully grown, the older I get, I appreciate my elephant-sized tusks.
  37. Elephants are so graceful.
  38. hugs and ☕️ for elephant lovers 🐘
  39. Elephants are playful, passionate, and mindful. Just like us!
  40. Elephants are oh so wonderful.
  41. Elephants are known to have deep emotional connections and even grieve for one another. They also have some amazing memories.
  42. Hey fellow elephant lovers! Today’s your day to celebrate the biggest pachyderm in the room.
  43. We knew elephants weren’t supposed to be born for another ten years, but a miraculous
  44. I love elephants.
  45. Never forget the little things 🐘
  46. The more you pick up, the happier life will be. #elephantlovers
  47. We Love Elephants, and You Love Elephants, We All Love Elephants A Lot! We have one thing in common, we all love elephants!
  48. The joyful rumbling of elephant friends in the wild.
  49. All elephants know is love. I wonder if they think, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”
  50. Have a little elephant in your life? They hold a special place in our hearts.
  51. Come for the elephants, stay for the bacon. #ElephantsDaily #ElephantsWithBacon #PiggyMatters
  52. In the jungle, in a zoo, or at home, elephants are everywhere—even in your backyard.
  53. If you love elephants too, tap the heart…
  54. I finished my morning walk to feed the elephants a little before sunrise. #elephantlovers
  55. Being an elephant-lover is only the beginning.
  56. You get more with elephants! These little guys make a big difference to many people worldwide, and it’s not hard to make a difference to them either.
  57. Elephants are good 💚
  58. I feel better knowing I’m putting my money toward elephants rather than a human corporation that wants money. Elephants 4ever!
  59. Elephants are the only animals that can’t jump. They don’t know this. We don’t tell them. #elephantlove
  60. Elephants are the best 🐘😂
  61. We love our elephant ears!
  62. Baby elephant smiling as if to say, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this.”
  63. When you love elephants 🐘🐘
  64. Elephants are the best! 😍🐘
  65. There is always room for elephants in your heart.
  66. If you have an elephant friend, it means you are #BestFriendGoals.
  67. You’re never too small to help a friend. Always turn up to help elephants and other animals in need. #ProtectWildlife
  68. Elephants never forget. No matter how far apart we are, they’re always thinking of us 🐘#WorldElephantDay 🐘
  69. Elephants teach us that we can choose to live either in reality and peace or in denial and suffering.
  70. Elephants are a great gift, the only living beings that never forget🙏
  71. Elephants are the only kind of real artist in the animal world.
  72. If you’re not going to be as big as an elephant, you might as well be an ant. #justsaying
  73. Elephants are symbols of unconditional love and power. Our customers’ love for elephants is what truly makes them majestic. #LOVELEOPHANT
  74. Bedtime has never been more adorable. These elephants are so cute, and they might just put you to sleep 😴 #elephantsrule
  75. Sweet dreams, elephant!
  76. Elephants are symbols of strength and power. Can you spot the one in this picture? #elephant #big #beautiful elephant
  77. The only marvelous thing than our family is the thousands of elephants left in the wild. These amazing creatures need our help.
  78. Life is a beautiful elephant.
  79. Clap if you love elephants!!!!
  80. May you feel loved today and every day.
  81. Baby elephant trunk grabbing onto mama elephant being so adorable 😍🦏
  82. This is why we say, “love the animal, not his fur or horn.” #elephantmonday

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