The Ford Truck is an American icon. It is the best-selling truck everywhere and thousands of them were sold last year. And you can find this iconic truck anywhere from farm roads to city streets. Ford trucks have always been at the forefront of innovation. The company has a rich history and it still maintains high-quality cars that are built to last. Their trucks are known for their durability which is why they have become a favorite among many fans.

If you want to look cool and get everyone’s attention, you must find a picture of your truck posted on Instagram. This post will give you the best captions for the tracks that will make your photo text both funny and interesting.

Here are some Ford truck quotes and captions for your Ford truck I bet you can’t wait to share these on Instagram!

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Ford Truck Quotes for Instagram

Ford Truck Quotes for Instagram
  • Hey, guys thot to share this pic of my ford truck with you. It’s a really lovely track; its black honeycomb grille makes it look so classic & stylish.
  • Don’t be surprised if you get lost in the dark green forest of this beautiful Ford truck. 😍
  • Trucks get it done. Tough trucks get it dirtier. Tough trucks, get out there and see these beautiful fall colors.
  • The all-new Ford truck is here! We’re super excited to unveil the new Ford Super Duty, Raptor, and F-150 models with best-in-class horsepower, torque, and payload—ready for adventures big and small.
  • Life’s better with a truck. Find your escape with the new #FORDTRUCK.
  • If you love driving, you’ll love the new Ford trucks.
  • Life’s better when you’re a little bit Country. #FordF150
  • Packed up and ready to roam with the new 2018 F-150 Raptor, America’s first high-performance off-road pickup.
  • Real trucks, Real work, Real happy. #FordFocus
  • I don’t know where I’m going, but I sure am enjoying the ride. 🚘
  • Ford truck, I like you. 🚙✌
  • The Country’s best hot dog is in the back of a ford truck #trucksarenice
  • Have you ever seen a more loyal group of fans? To celebrate our 90th birthday, we’re turning the spotlight on the most dedicated #FordTruck owners.
  • Fun fact: The F-Series is the best-selling truck line in America. It’s also really, really lovely.
  • Anything is possible with a Ford F- 150. See how you can use this truck to change the world. #FordFwd
  • Real-life. Real truck.  That’s how it is at the Ford Truck Center in St. Vincent. #AlwaysFordTough
  • Sometimes the road less traveled is the better way to go—a Ford truck.
  • Ford Trucks, America’s best-selling trucks for 47 years running.
  • The Ford F-150 may be the toughest truck ever. #FordTough
  • There’s a reason Ford trucks are used as the backbone of America’s workforce: Built Ford Tough, with military-grade toughness underneath the hood.
  • Because #BuiltFordTough is one of the most important values, our F-Series Super Duty was built on.
  • Make the everyday extraordinary. Ford Trucks are ready for work and play because getting there should be an adventure. 🚙 🌲
  • Life is a highway… and I’m going all the way. #FordF150 #76ers

Ford Truck Quotes and Sayings

Ford Truck Quotes and Sayings
  • Pull up to the job site in a truck-built Ford-tough and designed to work harder because there’s no challenge that a Ford F-250 Super Duty can’t handle.
  • Be a hero to a friend that uses public transportation with a ford F-150.
  • It’s a Great Time, right now, to own a Ford F-150.
  • The comfort of a Ford truck is to drift away. #forddurango
  • When you’ve got great trucks, keep them clean. #fordtrucks
  • The road ahead is never a straight line, but we’ll keep moving forward. #ford
  • In the heart of the great outdoors with a new Ford truck.
  • Only a Truck owner knows how it feels to drive down the road and have people stare in awe of your ride #fordTrucks
  • Fear doesn’t stop a truck. As a Ford truck driver, you’ve got the power to move whatever might be in your way.
  • Are you ready to go further? Ford trucks give you the power, technology, and durability to explore your full potential.
  • Long runs, road trips, and hauling aplenty. If you love Ford trucks all year long, these are the perfect Instagram captions.
  • Fall foliage is back, and it’s time to haul some pumpkins. It’s been a long summer. Stay tuned for more adventures in the #fordTruckFamily.
  • Love, at first sight, might have to be on a Ford truck.
  • Be your own road. Drive The Ford Truck #nofilterneeded #fordtrucks
  • Food trucks don’t need much of an excuse, but now that the weather has finally cooled down, we decided to give them one: time to show off their rugged good looks.
  • The truck you’ve been waiting for, the one that delivers all the right stuff. Literally. Trucksticles.
  • The desert sunset provides a great backdrop for this Ford truck. What kinds of adventures do you want to go on in your Ford truck?
  • Fall is in the air, and we’re ready for it. Where will you go? #FordTough #FordTrucks
  • The days are getting shorter, the leaves are falling, and there’s a chill. Time to pull on a cozy sweater and snuggle up with your Ford Truck 🚗 #BackToBasics
  • Life is better when you’re in a Ford’s Driver’s Seat. 😎

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