Is The GTX 1660 Good for Gaming? A Detailed Performance Review

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It’s been a while since we’ve had a graphics card review on the site, so we thought it would be a good idea to review the Nvidia GTX 1660. The GTX 1660 is a card that sits in between price and performance and is great for gaming.

We’ve tested it against the Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti and the GTX 1660 Super and found that the Super card is better for gaming if you’re on a budget. However, if you can afford the Ti card, it’s better for graphics intensive games. In this article, we’ll go over graphics card testing, game settings, and our conclusion.

If you’re in the market for a graphics card, the GTX 1660 might be a good option for you. It offers great performance at an affordable price point, making it a good choice for gamers of all levels.

Additionally, this card has DirectX 12 support, so you can take your gaming experience to the next level. Finally, thanks to its 6GB of VRAM, the GTX 1660 will handle demanding games with ease!

So if you’re looking for a graphics card that will give you great performance and value for your money, the GTX 1660 is a great option to consider.

Graphics Card Testbed & Setup

Graphics card performance is essential for any gaming enthusiast. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the GTX 1660 and how it performs in a graphics card testbed setup.

Make sure to read through the article before making your purchase to ensure you get the best possible outcome. We’ll also be providing a detailed performance review of the GTX 1660 to help you decide if it’s good for gaming. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to enjoy some high-quality graphics on your next game!

GTX 1660 Super vs GTX 1660 Ti

This year, gamers have a lot of options when it comes to graphics cards. Whether you’re on a budget or you’re looking for the best performance available, there’s a card for you. In this article, we’re looking at the GTX 1660 Super and GTX 1660 Ti.

Both cards are great choices if you’re on a budget and want stellar performance in your gaming rig. However, the GTX 1660 Super is better suited for medium to high-end games while the GTX 1660 Ti is better suited for AAA or higher-quality games.

If you’re looking for the best overall performance, the GeForce RTX series is a fantastic option for anyone looking to upgrade their graphics card this year!

The Games We Played

The GTX 1660 is a popular gaming GPU that offers great graphics and decent performance in most games.

It’s a budget-friendly option that still delivers quality gameplay. We tested the GTX 1660 to see if it’s good for gaming. The results? The GTX 1660 is a great choice for gamers who want performance and value.


Gaming is a popular activity that many people enjoy. If you’re looking to get into the gaming scene, or just want to upgrade your current gaming setup, the GTX 1660 is a great option.

The graphics card is compatible with Microsoft Windows 10, making it an excellent choice for gamers. Furthermore, the GTX 1660 offers great performance when it comes to 3D rendering, video encoding, and more.

The price is reasonable considering its capabilities and overall performance. So, if gaming is your thing, the GTX 1660 is a great choice for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy the GTX 1660 if I’m planning to use it on a budget?

For those looking for a budget card that supports DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.5, and VR ready out of the box, the GTX 1660 should definitely be on your shopping list. Not only does the card offer great performance for its price range, but it also comes with all the features you need for gaming.

How does the GTX 1660 perform in various gaming scenarios?

In this GTX 1660 review, we are going to compare the graphics card’s performance against the best offerings in the market currently. We will be taking a look at how it performs against the AMD Radeon RX 570 and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics cards. Out of all three cards, the GTX 1660 comes out on top due to its higher price point but lower power consumption. This means that you can easily game on a budget while still enjoying high-quality graphics performance.

Does the GTX 1660 have any downsides that could affect its performance?

The GTX 1660 is a great graphics card for gaming as it offers good performance for its price and can be used in both desktop and laptop games. Some downsides that could affect its performance include the fact that it’s not as power efficient as other graphics cards, especially when it comes to VR gaming.

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