Kittens are one of the few things in the world that you can choose for their appearance and their function. Kittens are cute. Many people like to share pictures of their beautiful kittens with others. If there’s anything better than sharing a picture of an adorable kitten doing something adorably stupid, it’s sharing that picture with millions of people.

They say that kittens are a favorite animal on the Internet. To most people, this seems irresistible – these hairy little creatures attract us like magnets. People like to post photos of their little friends and see other people’s photos of their adorable kittens. The emotions and thoughts we get from watching cats play, snuggle, and do funny things are so powerful and amazing.

Here are the adorable kitten captions for Instagram and all the other social media you can use.

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Kitten Quotes for Instagram

Kitten Quotes for Instagram
  • Meet the fiercest collection of kitten pets.
  • Baby kittens are the cutest. Caturday, anyone? 😻
  • they’re so tiny and cute, can’t even breathe
  • Kittens are cute, and they’re even cuter when running on a treadmill. 😺☕
  • There are two types of people: people who look away from cute kittens and people who can’t stop looking at them. Those people are us.😻
  • ​I’m a little kitten, into tiny boxes and sharp pointy things.
  • I’m counting down the days to finally petting one of these kittens.
  • Cats make for great Instagram captions. They’re short and tell people a little about yourself and your brand.
  • These kittens have been making it hard to work today. It’s not even fair what they’re doing to me. 😻😹😻

Instagram Captions for Kittens

Instagram Captions for Kittens
  • just when you think it’s safe to go outside.. the kittens come out to play… #kittensofthenation
  • Cleaning up around here, but that can wait!! I’m too busy staring at kittens 🐱💕😍
  • Happy Saturday! Here’s to all the cutest kittens on Instagram, from those who say aww and those who go eeeek. We’re here for both. Meow!
  • Kitten* she’s saying I’m cute but is also pooping.
  • Kitties make the Internet go round.
  • Playing with kittens all day would make anyone smile 😻😺
  • You think this cat will be a pain to take care of. He’s just going to sleep all day.
  • Cats who think they’re horses will do anything to protect their herd, even if that means turning the couch into a stable.
  • You have to sit and scratch your chin one of those days, thinking, “What the hell is life anyway? And what am I doing here?”
  • kittens are the best
  • I want to snuggle a kitten-like they’re a stuffed animal!
  • These kittens sometimes get stuck when they go through the sloping edge of the kitchen. But luckily, it’s usually not a big issue.

Cute Kitten Pictures with Captions for Instagram

Cute Kitten Pictures with Captions for Instagram
  • When your Ji loves kittens, you win all the things.
  • I love my Ji cat because she is vegan and organic. I love my Ji cat because she purrs and makes me happy when I am sad.
  • Adoptable kittens fresh out of foster care are looking for forever homes this weekend! If you’re looking to bring home a loved kitten, see us at our #lovekittenadoption.
  • Fall is approaching, but there’s a kitten at that is the cutest reminder of Spring 😺☀️
  • kitten week is the best week ever #funnykittens
  • One kitten is just not enough, and we need loads of these beautiful fluff balls in our lives 😻
  • When you realize you’re the only one who can hold onto a cat this funny – that’s when you know you can handle anything else life throws at you. #feeling #precious #lilangel
  • If you love these little guys as much as we do, share them with the hashtag #lovekittens, and we will do our best to find these cuties a loving home 💓😻
  • Check out these double-pawed kittens while they are available.
  • Isn’t it amazing what a little kitten can do to brighten even the sourest of days? 🐱😻’
  • I’ve done my best today. I don’t have to do anything more.  Tomorrow is another day.
  • The cutest kittens you’ll see all day are in these adorable 🐱 gifts from our new @ourkawaii collection!
  • Life is better with a kitten… or two 😻
  • handsome kittens are a good picture for the caption of kittens
  • this kitten is cute.

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